The Margaret Orme Prize
The Society has established an annual award prize, to be known as the Margaret Orme Prize, to be awarded to an undergraduate or new graduate student of Universities and Colleges in the United Kingdom and Eire (other than Oxford and University College London) who has distinguished himself or herself in fields of study appropriate to the Society’s interests. The Prize will consist of free Membership of the Society for five years from the October following the date of the award, with an immediate gift of £50 (a sum which will be reviewed from time to time) and of such publications of the Society (excluding back-numbers of the Saga-Book before Volume XX) as the prize-winner may care to select from those available in print.

A nomination for the award should be sent either by the teacher responsible for Norse studies or by the Head of Department to the Joint Honorary Secretaries of the Society at the address below on or before 1 August in the relevant year. The nomination should be accompanied by a statement of the particular grounds for the recommendation and, if desired, by not more than one piece of written work by the student in question. Any information about examination marks or results will, of course, be treated with the strictest confidence. Adjudication by a panel appointed by the Council will normally be completed by 1 October each year. Any written work submitted will be returned as soon as a decision is made.

Additional copies of the notice may be had on application to the Joint Honorary Secretaries at the Viking Society for Northern Research, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT.

Two other prizes of £50 are awarded annually. These are the Townsend Viking Society Prize, awarded to a student at University College London, and the Turville-Petre Prize, which is awarded to a student at the University of Oxford.

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